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Darcy Butler is an established and successful writer. Her latest project is a very personal one. She has been a student of her genealogy for quite some time. There is one last connection she cannot find. Once she contacts The Little Big Horn College on the Crow Indian Reservation she learns of an elder who might know the inside story of her heritage.

His name is Tiponi and he claims that he will not leave this earth until he has shared his story with ‘the great storyteller.’ He is convinced that this mysterious caller may be the person he has waited for all his life.

Darcy leaves all skepticism behind and travels to the Crow Indian Reservation in search of this often-misunderstood character. What she finds is a story of love and devotion that surpasses all prejudices and misconceptions. She learns of a beautiful culture that is nearly lost to history. She also learns how she had kept love from her life.

NOTE: This book is also available in a young readers version. 


Darcy returns to the Crow Indian Reservation. She finds that her Kindred Spirit Tiponi has left her a journal. It was to be given to her in the event she returned as she had promised.

Now, Darcy will learn of the ongoing legacy of the Butler Family and the Crow Indians in a poignant and many times heartbreaking story. What she learns is life changing.

In his journal, Tiponi has a very special favor of his distant cousin. This will be a very crucial decision that she can either embrace or turn away. Darcy is faced with a choice that will be drastic and require unconditional love.

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During the country’s Camelot season and its tragic end, three friends, Hudson, Mallory, and Gary struggle with the reforming and turbulent nation during one of the most controversial and expanding times. They belong to, and embrace the new age of acceptance and progress toward human equality while engaged in a war that is void and purpose of deference.

They will learn that once the heart has given all it has to give; love returns imploring the ultimate…forgiveness.

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Jeanette is a self-absorbed executive working her way to the top in the early 70’s   Her life changes when she meets a doctor René Alfonaso from Argentina and looses her position with a company she was instrumental in building.

Her sudden and upsetting life changes take her on an adventure from the only home she has known in California to the forests of Paraguay and eventually to Buenos Aries and a life she eventually embraces. Things change with the constant onset of the ‘disappeared’ in the troubled Argentina.

Jeanette will endure a sadness and joy she never thought possible. Rene will learn how he can survive a holocaust he never thought possible. His love for Jeanette will prove to be his fortitude.

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Olivia Hamiliton is a first year flight attendant. This is a third or forth career for her, but one she thought was only a dream.  Little does she know how her life will change one day when she meets Felix Baxter on one of her flights.

He has a special project for her. At first, she does not take Felix too seriously. However, in a short time she not only believes but embraces his involvement in her life, and his vision. 

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Come fly with Olivia and Felix to many more adventures. Now that Olivia has met Grant will she share her mysterious friend with him? How can she explain a person that only she can see? If she chooses not to share...what will be the consequences?


Now that Olivia has shared her relationship with Felix to Grant what is in store for them? Will Olivia finally find out the true identity of  her philanthropic friend and why he chose her. What if...she finally knows?


Written with love and compassion for women. Not a how-to but rather a sharing and exhonoration of women and the choices they make in their relationships. 


This is an inspriational journal that is designed to begin at anytime. It has 31 days for each month with edifying quotes to encourage and inspire you. This year long journal has beautifully illustrated photos at the end of each month for ongoing progress...

Eddies Magic Glasses FRONT (1)

Eddie was the school bully until one day his teacher and principle decided Eddie needed to see things differently. Eddie receives magic glasses and sees the whole world in a different light.

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Antonia Lovelace is the matriarch of a loving and diverse family. 

This is a heartwarming story set around the time of Christmas but can be enjoyed at anytime. 

Journey with this family as they face some tough challenges that life brings their way. 

They will face some elements of the past that will have a strong bearing on the future. They will handle them with grace and love. 

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A must read for any true patriot . A satire on the current state of the world. Sad but true. Great photos and catchy lyrics.

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